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Meet some of our past clients and learn a little about their marketing needs and how we were able to help.  Schedule your FREE consultation today.

All of our relationships start the same way; with a FREE consultation to learn more about your business or

organization and the marketing needs you have.  Our extensive experience allows us to grow with our clients as their marketing needs grow and diversify.  We provide an assortment of services related to marketing and communications; growing with you as your needs diversify.

Retail Marketing

Branding and awareness can help your business grow to include multiple locations.

Distinctive Multi Media Group Claire Ret

Claire was referred to us by another client.  She needed a way to brand her boutique to make it stand out from other retail stores in the area.

We started our relationship by ensuring that her branding aligned with her clothing and accessories; fashion forward and progressive!

With her branding established, we moved to a series of awareness campaigns to get the word out about how engaging her store is and the assortment she offers

Regional customers now associate her store with the fashions they want to wear!

Brochures & Print

Email marketing to your customers, dealers, or wholesalers via email marketing is key to maintaining good communication.

Communicating to more than 400 dealers of his cabinetry proved to be more time consuming that Jordan thought.  His growing company needed eye-catching email marketing templates that his staff could edit and send out when they had product changes, announcements, or new products to showcase.

We refreshed and modernized his logo and other brand collateral and created great graphics that could be used in emails, social media, and product brochures.

With his Dealers informed, Jordan could focus on what he does best... create world-class cabinetry.

Distinctive Multi Media Group Jordan Cab
Social Media

Sometimes your greatest source of revenue comes from OUTside your establishment via online sales.  Add a shopping cart to your website!

Distinctive Multi Media Group Jonathan B

Bookstores are constantly trying to increase sales revenue; through sidewalk sales, clearance, and other discounts.

Jonathan wanted to start selling some of his first editions and other collectible books online.  He needed to add a shopping cart to his existing website and have a simple way to add / delete / edit items he wanted to sell online.

We updated his website with some new graphics, completed his shopping cart, and linked his business checking account.  He processed his first transaction that same day!

Anchor 1

Online advertisements don't cost as much as you might think... and the impact to your bottom line could be a game-changer this year.

Promoting his business online was something that George had not done before, but he knew he needed to 'change with the times' to continue to grow his business.

Our team helped form a strategy to drive traffic to his website and get his phone to ring with new orders for signs and other retail store front marketing; targeting his niche market.

Launching his Google AdWords campaigns, boosting social media posts, and setting up a Groupon account with various campaigns helped his company to get found online.

Distinctive Multi Media Group George Pri

Our experience can catapult your sales, awareness, traffic, etc. and allow you to focus on doing what you do best... growing your business or organization.

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